First steps in paint weathering

For an upcoming LARP we are using Bopits for some concentration tests. These are childrens' toys that are a bit like 'Simon' but you hold them in your hand and twist/push/pull various bits in response to voice prompts.

In the game fiction these are supposed to be tools but it has always grated on me that they just look like toys, so I'm stripping them down and having a go at changing the look. This is stock in trade to cosplayers and replica makers but normally I don't bother much with it. I've got a few different ones to work on but so far it's going OK.

I'm going for a well worn look, might have overdone it slightly but it's already much better than gloss white. The weird rubbery lumps sticking out at either end might get replaced with more tool-like 3D printed pieces.

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