Rookie SMD mistake


I received the new boards from JLCPCB and they look great, but I've made a real rookie mistake when ordering.

Working in EasyEDA, component selection defaults to 0201 packages for things like the resistors.

These are tinyReally really tiny.

This is something I already knew and just missed it when laying out the board.

I realised my mistake when ordering the components but thought, let's give it a go. I have made an attempt to solder these but with my ageing eyesight I can barely see and handle them, let alone apply paste and hot air to successfully solder them.

Now with the ongoing pandemic I don't have any immediate application for these boards, so I'll pause a little while before coming back to them and producing a new version. Either I'll choose larger components or have JLCPCB do PCB assembly for me, which is increasingly affordable.