Upgrades and bodgery

It's been a while since I posted about work on the Time Machine as I've been busy working on my house and just writing the Arduino sketch that will make it respond.

It's now about six weeks until it has to be ready and this is one of the few free weekends so I'm keeping my head down working on it.
First up I've put battery holders in the 'power unit' at the bottom so it can run without mains if necessary. I've also created a new display to go inside the 'viewer' using a 5x7 LED matrix and a MAX7219 driver chip. This is a pretty standard way to have an Arduino driving one of these matrix displays.
Finally I have bodged up a rotary encoder so that the sash handle on the left hand side can be read. It needs to be a rotary encoder as it will turn 360 degrees.

I could have spent ages making this solid but decided it kind of needs to be a loose fit that can move about. So holding the encoder on the end of a bit of garden hose isn't really a bodge. It's to enable it to move slightly as the handle will have to take rough handling. Honest.