The retroTerm Arduino library is for creating GUI-esque user interfaces in a serial terminal emulator.

retroTerm allows you to create clickable 'buttons', 'checkboxes', 'list boxes' and so on and simple line editing of text.

The name comes from being able to create 'retro terminal' interfaces like this, which can be interacted freely with using the mouse and keyboard, within the fundamental limitations of them running on a microcontroller.

You can install retroTerm directly from the Arduino IDE library manager.


The m2mMesh Arduino library is for creating self-organising mesh networks with Espressif ESP8266/ESP8285/ESP32 microcontrollers.

This library uses Espressif's ESP-Now library as a transport. This is intended for machine-to-machine messaging, not generic IP connectivity for other devices.

Still under development, it is not yet published.