Mesh networked computer terminals with RFID logon - part 2

Progress on the messaging application is going OK.

I'm having a little aggro with RFID. It works, but not reliably so after 3-4 uses of the card it becomes unresponsive. This may be related to the code I've cribbed from an example to continuously poll the card and check if it's been removed. This might crash the reader but I'm not 100% sure. It's also quite possible I've messed up the state machine that handles the logon process in some way related to idle logoffs.

What is going quite nicely is building a file structure on the SD card with global, per-station and per-user configuration files. This is massively old-school way of doing things but is easily human-readable without writing an admin interface.

An easy example, above, is the 'message of the day' above where the cyan text is 'global' and the 'green' per-station.

I'm now working on an interface for users to display their stored files. Once this is done I would like to make it sync across the workstations with a TFTP-esque setup where the station with the highest sequence numbered file distributes it to the others. This needs to be in place for persistent messaging across different workstations, but will make the configuration more easily maintainable. It's probably going to need metadata stored in each directory, hidden from the user and I can see myself using JSON for that.

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