Mesh networked computer terminals with RFID logon - part 3

The last couple of days I've been messing around with code for building a 'manifest' of the file system on the SD card then notifying changes to other stations.

This has taken a lot of time as I had a few false starts in my reinvention of this particular wheel. I think I trashed my plan and started again at least three times and it's probably still a quite naive scheme. As things stand it's just notification of change, the other station knows if there's an updated file but there's no method to transfer the file as yet.

Oddly I don't think file transfer will be hard. The way I've put my mesh library together makes it quite easy to push arbitrary data around. It will just need to be chopped up into chunks and sent. Maybe also 'lock' the file to prevent local changes while any transfer occurs, just in case.

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