A library full of boilerplate maybe becomes useful?

A while back I wrote an Arduino library to do the tedious bit you add to every bit of code you write for an ESP8266/ESP32 where it tries to connect to the WiFi and waits for it to happen, or not.

This is the most basic stuff and it's in almost every thing I make, frankly almost everything anybody ever makes with an ESP and Arduino. Yet you end up rehashing it and typing it or copy & pasting it. Again and again and again.

So I put it in a library.

It feels like an act of fraud. It's not a fancy connection manager with credential storage. It just tries to connect and feeds back the result. It can optionally stick out a load of diagnostic stuff on the Serial port, which is nice but it still felt like overkill.

Now, inspired by something of Larry Bank's I've made it do geolocation of the device through the https://ipapi.co/ API and it handles the setting of timezone and the system time using NTP.

That is useful as a one-line addition to any network connected project.

A lot of the time people don't bother with their devices 'knowing' the time themselves but I'm a big fan of it and I often use it somehow in my projects.

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