LARPCon 2023

This weekend I helped crew the UKLTA stand at LARPCon 2023, which as the name suggests is a convention dedicated to LARP.

In the UK we don't really have a 100% definitive 'must do' LARP convention but LARPCon is the closest we have.

A lot of it is dedicated to traders and there's a heavy 'fantasy and foam weapons' slant from both the attendees and the stands. So it made our representation of sci-fi/modern/light mil-sim games using Lasertag weapons something unusual.

Overall though it was a very positive thing to do. I ended up spending a chunk of time talking to people with similar interests and had taken a few of my interactive props along. This was a bit of a last minute decision but I'm glad I did.

Old things like ORAC and my Enigma machine were cooed over, they make great 'showboat' props because they fill a small table and are immediately recognisable. So they did the job of helping get people over to talk to us.

I ran into a bunch of people interested in making interactive props who asked for my contact details and I'm hoping they get in touch after the event.

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