Quick cyberdeck build: Part 6

Today I received the replacement battery for the cyberdeck and fitted it after modifying the leads so I can insert the external charger between battery and phone. I'm still not 100% happy with this setup but it works.

The interim result is really quite appealing but the paint is still not 100% dry and as I need to handle it a lot doing the last parts I'm going to shelve any more work on it for a couple of days. It's gloss paint so still very slightly soft and I bet it actually takes a week to dry.

Designing the bumpers has got a little mired in lack of vision for what they should look like and some difficulties there'd be in printing and painting the sort of ribbed look I originally wanted. The OpenSCAD design has got very messy with little tweaks to locations and dimensions all over the place in the code so making anything line up nicely is hard. I need to resolve this soon as it will be a long print that also needs painting.

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