Going back to HUDs with a readymade display

 After mixed results with a stripped OLED display, I've got another reason to make a heads up display. This time it's to show video from a drone camera in a way that doesn't completely obscure your vision.

I've got a set of cheap Eachine goggles with built in receiver that works fine for testing but the final prop needs to be a wearable that fits in with the rest of the costume and isn't too bulky.

There seem to be essentially two models of 'moncular' video display available cheaply on Aliexpress and this was the one that was slightly cheaper at the time I ordered. It also benefits from a nice adjustment knob on one side, but lacks the flexible rubber eyepiece of the other unit.After a large number of iterations and test prints I've finally got an enclosure I'm happy to build a first prototype with.

The two halves click together using the mounting prongs on the display, hold pretty firm and I've managed to hold the PCB and easily damaged flexible flat cable in place. On the rear is a spot for a heat set insert, which I'll use to add to the arm connected to the helmet.

The final article has turned out quite nicely when printed. It looks massive but when you realise the scale of the display itself you can see it's just brought it up to a size that you can grab with your fingers and manipulate.

It needs a couple of M2.5 screws to properly secure the PCB but unless you really yank on it you're not going to accidentally damage the FFC any more.

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