InfoPoint code and word wrapping

I made a little effort to tidy up and post the code used on the EMFCamp 2022 Cybar InfoPoints. It's under the main Polybius organisation on GitHub.

The InfoPoints ended up working nicely and I will almost certainly use devices that sync configuration from GitHub in future. It makes for a really nice free place to store configuration with all the user admin/permission work done for you, so long as it's OK for the information to be publicly viewable.

I might investigate if there's some way to do this with a private repository and if so I might turn it into a library.

This also caused me to remove the word wrapping code I wrote to format the displayed text with and turn it into a generic Arduino word wrap library.

When I first started work on this I was amazed there isn't a basic word wrap library that's not part of some other larger project, or at least I didn't manage to find one. Word wrapping is a standard kind of thing you'd really expect to find covered.

There is some messy stuff around what to do with very long words wrapping into small spaces, which I've tried to handle and if the text doesn't fit into the requested lines it adds ellipses (...) hopefully somewhere sensible. I can see this getting re-used a chunk in my various Arduino projects with user interfaces.

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