Enigma machine refresh

One of my favourite projects iss my Enigma Machine prop but it had a few shoddy areas. In particular the keys were just hot-glued in place on the end of the brass tubes. This made them prone to damage and they weren't 100% even.

Now my Ender 2 is printing beautifully I made some little cups to hold the keys squarely on the tubes and epoxied them in place. It's more solid and looks better too.
While I was giving it a freshen up I also made some little surrounds for the matrix 'rotor' displays. The Enigma was being made in a hurry and I simply didn't have time to cut neat square holes for the displays so I drilled out some round holes and wedged them in.

This has always annoyed me so I made round spacers to hide this. At some point I'll cut some tinted acrylic to fill the space above each matrix and act as a diffuser.

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