Bobba's little brothers

I need to run various things from the Arduino, many of them LEDs I would like to control with PWM.

This is OK straight from the board if you want one or two to mess about with. However I've got loads of LEDs to drive and the RGB strip I'm using for ambient lighting needs 12V.

So I've made myself up a little 10 way N-channel power MOSFET board to drive all this stuff. There's not a massive amount of power going through any of this, but it would be more than the Arduino should really source and well, I need 12V anyway not 5V.

Since adding the flux capacitor to the design I'm a short a couple of channels for all the stuff so need to order some more MOSFETs, but this gives me a great start as I can do most of the LED lighting.

I'm still not 100% sure if I'll use addressable RGB LEDs to light the dials at the back of the machine or just have them lit up white on a single channel. Doing this would make it simpler as I'd be using one method to control things. Also the addressable LEDs are bulky and have short leads between each one so don't actually reach from one dial to the next without doubling them up.

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