Time machine teaser #1

For a LARP we're doing later this year I'm making a 'time machine' of the Victorian inventor variety. There will be brass, lots of brass.

The base for this is a £10 Laiva desk from IKEA, which we've screwed lots of brass stuff to and made various holes in. Now the layout is pretty much finalised I'm going to paint it up a bit so it's mahogany coloured. Here it is with the first couple of coats on.

Very soon I will start connecting all the stuff up to an Arduino I've bought for this job. There will be many buttons and knobs connected then various flashing lights and moving bits so it 'does stuff' in response. If things work out it should make the TARDIS noise and have a homage to the Flux Capacitor in the top right.

Ideally I should have used a nice piece of Victorian furniture for this, but I don't want to ruin something. Also if I mess up a Laiva I can just go and buy another one.

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