Pot handles

Having used a bunch of door handles as some of the time machine controls I need a way to read them.

So the obvious answer is mate the square shaft that you ordinarily use with a potentiometer.

I cut the shafts in half and did a bit of very rough and ready drilling so they go straight on the splines of the pot. This was a slightly loose fit so I used a little glue.

Now with these done and mounted I've wired up all the inputs on the top of the desk, apart from the touch switches. Which are very much optional.

Tomorrow I'll connect this all up to the prototyping shield. Ideally I'd like to solder it, but right now I'm going to leave the leads long and just poke them in the headers. It'll be a little flaky but at least allow me to try things out.

At the moment I have about twenty inputs to work with, there are a few more to come including a foot treadle, the handle we bought in Paris and if I can find somewhere to mount them some ultrasonic distance sounders.

Outputs are a little more sparse at the moment, right now the only thing ready to connect up is the vintage ammeter which you can see in the middle of the top.

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