Creality Ender 3 camera mount

I've been using my Ender 3 a lot and am very impressed with it. Teamed up with Octoprint it's just great. Better 3D printers are legion but this will do me for the foreseeable future.

Octoprint supports a USB webcam for remote print monitoring and I've been using one of my stash of old Xbox LiveCams for this.

However I got tired of having it gaffa taped to a jar nearby as I kept knocking it out of alignment. To stop this I made a little mount which works quite nicely, so I stuck it on Thingiverse.

All it needs is some double sided tape to hold it on the printer and a sticky pad for the camera. Should work with any old webcam with a flat base.

I started out designing something to fix with the bolts that secure the Y stepper motor but realised they're too short to use and have any meat to the print. This version fits reasonably snugly so the tape doesn't really take much load.

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