Makevember 2019

This year I stumbled onto something Dominic Morrow started, Makevember.

The original concept outlined in his blog is to do something 'new' and time limited, but like a lot of others participating I ended up using it as an impetus to work on things most days of November even if it wasn't something particularly new or quick.

I've found this was massively helpful. I've been tackling loads of 'round tuit' things, over the last month I have...

  • Mounted my laser engraver on a board, fitted end stops, rebuilt LaserWeb and made the software changes to make auto-homing work. This turned it from a dust gathering ornament into a much more usable tool.
  • Familiarised myself with the workflow for my SLA 3D printer and printed things for a friend.
  • Built a UV curing enclosure for output from my SLA 3D printer.
  • Fixed up an old medical analyser prop.
  • Fixed up my Orac prop as it had developed a couple of faults.
  • Fixed up my Enigma Machine prop so the keycaps were more robust and the gaps round the LED matrix displays were filled.
  • Made a set of 12V spotlights using Poundland LED GU5.3 units.
  • Experimented with a cheap pico-projector for future use in a new prop.
  • Learned basic use of Meshmixer.
This has been a really positive experience and shows how an incentive can work. If I can keep up this focus the rest of the year then it will be a very productive one.

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