ESP-Now BATMAN/OGM progress

More dull text to look at but this is the output from one of my mesh nodes now I have the OGM routing protocol working.

I was right in thinking that getting ELP working nicely would lead to being able to implement an interpretation of OGM pretty smoothly. Again this is not an exact implementation as my use case is different but it is quite similar to the documentation. I'm using the TQ measure in BATMAN IV, not the throughput model in BATMAN V.

Now, even with sharing of neighbours under ELP disabled the whole network knows about all the nodes whether they're reachable in one hop or not. If I turn neighbour sharing on again in ELP the mesh should build more quickly with more redundant links.

It appears that the routing table picks a good route to each node, including a two-hop route where there is a poor reliability via a one-hop route.

Next step is implementing my own 'ping' and 'traceroute' style functions so I can verify this, but again because I have already implemented discovery of routes and packet forwarding this should be not overly painful. BATMAN routing is intended to be simple.

Once that's done I'll make as big a network of real nodes as I can manage, which I hope to get up to about twenty-five now some more Wemos D1 Mini Pro have arrived, and see what happens.

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