Cellar refurb

I've not been doing as much project work as usual recently as I've had a specialist company in to 'tank' my cellar.

The cellar has been used for years as my occasional workshop, but has always suffered from being a cold dank nasty place and about once a year it would flood, courtesy of backwash from a drain in the floor. The water would almost immediately run back out of the drain but it left an awful mess behind, occasionally ruining things I'd been stupid enough to leave on the floor.

I've run a dehumidifier 24x7 for maybe five years down there and it only ever managed to keep things vaguely acceptable. Until it flooded, when I'd have to move everything out, clean it all and mop up all the little pools of water left behind on the uneven floor.

I had written off the idea of getting it professionally tanked as too expensive, but when I recently got a quote it was much more affordable than I expected.

The whole project has taken about two months and I've spent lots of my free time in first clearing the cellar out, decorating it and then moving everything back down.

I have purposefully gone with the 'industrial' look of exposed joists to give me a little more headroom and painted everything stark white for light. There is enough height to walk around, unless you're well over 2m tall, but a proper ceiling would have made it quite claustrophobic.

Now the paint and plaster skim has dried out, it sits nicely at the ambient temperature and humidity of the rest of the house, you don't really feel you're in a cellar.

I'm very pleased with my new den.

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