Buy cheap buy twice

A few months ago I bought a couple of WTV020SD sound playback modules.

From messing around with the Spookytron I knew the Arduino wasn't really any good at dealing with audio. It consumes a lot of resources both in terms of CPU and pins/timers to access an SD card and then play a WAV file back.

Pretty much on spec I bought these modules thinking they'd 'be handy' as they were very cheap.

I have now wasted several hours spread over a few weeks trying to get them to do anything at all. Even in standalone mode where they work like a basic button driven MP3 player they are simply inert. I've tried everything I can think of including buying some small capacity SD cards as they are apparently fussy about large ones.

So now I'm going to order an equivalent branded item. I've kind of left it too long to return these, but I'm more annoyed at the loss of my time than the money.

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